About - Isabella Frappier
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My name is Isabella Frappier –
I’m a Pleasure Mentor, Sex Educator, and Erotic Anarchist.

But that’s not all – I’m also sexuality and women’s health writer, podcast host (and sometimes guest), tarot reader, and second-generation psychic medium. Oh, and a semi-retired birth doula. Seems like a lot, right? I think so too. I am always navigating the delicate balance between serving others, and self-care. Maybe you are too. My work is a holistic healing modality. I hold the mirror up to my clients, and remind them of what they have forgotten. Re-awakening their inner wisdom. I have a specialty on body literacy and sexual sovereignty, and I often incorporate the principles of feminist BDSM and Sex Magic in my work.


Why “Erotic Anarchist”? Glad you asked! Check out my FAQ’s for the juicy deets.


I’m happy to say, I have the life, and sex life of my dreams, but here’s the thing, I wasn’t always this way. Not at all. I lived my life in pain and anguish, sexually and spiritually starved, and sex used to be a performance sport to me. I faked all my orgasms. I know, it’s not ideal, and you might be wondering how I got to where I am now. My life is a pretty open book, so let’s dive in.


I feel really grateful to be transforming the sex lives of thousands of folks.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, excited to serve. It is my absolute privilege and honor to support folks on their journey to sexual liberation. It’s truly my calling.


I’m Australian-Canadian, and I grew up in Australia, living in the mountains and roaming around hugging enormous trees and listening to bird calls. I spent my youth reading books and nursing animals back to life with a tender, intuitive touch. I spent my teenage years studying and journaling about natural medicine, witchcraft, and tarot, and finished my second book at sixteen. I worked as a nanny throughout my youth, and relished in helping mothers connect with themselves and with their children, and helping children find their voices. By the time I moved out of my mothers nature filled home at eighteen years old, I had embraced my identity as a second generation psychic medium, and dedicated my life to working with women.


I have spent the past ten years voraciously learning about plant medicine, tarot, womb wisdom, sensual sexual power, and intuitive ancient teachings. I have studied through some structured education systems as I found it necessary, such as Southern School of Natural Therapies, Bini Birth, Milc Lactation, etc, but I have always placed the most importance on books, on intuitive energetic knowledge, and on learning from my mistakes and my own journey.

I loved being formally trained to hold space.

It was part of the great honor I felt in learning how to be a Birth Doula, a process I enjoyed tremendously. As I began my journey being a support during birth, I was struck by how disconnected birthing people (not everyone who births identifies as a woman) often were with their bodies, their fertility, and their power. I was horrified at the disconnect between the sensuality of childbirth, and the clinical way it’s often portrayed to, and imposed upon, us. I loved my work, but I was heartbroken by the continual witnessing of people being stripped of their power and their sensuality during this beautiful and significant rite of passage. 


I offered full-spectrum Birth Support, which means I supported my clients throughout their pregnancies, births, and post-partum. Regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy, I’m there for them. I was devastated to see the long term negative impacts on my clients from the Western medical system robbing them of their autonomy and sensuality during birth. My work organically transitioned into being a sexuality support person post-partum. I was blessed to see my business flourish through word of mouth alone, and it became my full-time work. 


Transforming sex lives has been my most fulfilling work to date.

It is an honor to help people reclaim their power, re-inspire their sovereignty, and explore and embrace their sexuality. Inspired by this work, I have also created a private women-only online community. It is a safe space to both express and to listen about the experience of being female, share stories, celebrate bodies, as well as receiving guidance and counsel from me through interactive online lessons. I also write both personal stories and educational articles for several major websites, about sexual sovereignty, body literacy and the many complexities of being female-bodied.


Helping people to live their best sex lives is the most important thing to me. Helping to demystify the many cycles we go through, leading people towards their sensual sovereignty, and helping to awaken their own innate wisdom is my life calling. Let me help you remember what you knew before you were born. Help you find your voice again. Help align your heart with your sensuality, and move into your true flow in life. When we operate from our sensual power, we flow. We are rooted, but we flow.


If you were looking for a catalyst for positive change in your life, you just found it.


My practice is all-inclusive, and I aim to support and guide any humans over 18yo on their journey, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, and class. Born and raised in Australia on unceded Wurundjeri land, I am now a DONA trained birth doula, practicing in the Los Angeles area on unceded Chumash and Kizh land. I am of Irish Gaelic, English, Scottish, and Eastern European ancestry, and am a queer femme woman who uses She/they pronouns. While I am committed to anti-racism work, I also acknowledge the limitation of my practice based on my lived experiences.


Yours in erotic anarchy and beyond,