Erotic In Motion - Isabella Frappier
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Erotic In Motion

Erotic in Motion

Are you ready to feel luscious in your good body?

I’m so grateful to my Erotic in Motion community who, every single week, helps me feel connected to myself, my body, and to this amazing pleasure community we’ve built together! Want to feel this way too? Come join us!


Here’s a little visual memory from when we could touch…

So, what is this class?

It’s a class that teaches you how to speak your body’s language. This class helps you drop into your body and leave your mental gymnastics and anxieties at the door. It helps you feel supported and held by a community of strong, powerful women. It reminds you of the beauty of sensuality even during times of crisis, when quite frankly, it’s even challenging for me (someone who’s dedicated their life to pleasure), to prioritize it.



It goes for 60-90 minutes. It begins with some of what I like to call “lightly guided” sensual movement, and is followed by a beautiful sharing circle.


Lately, I have been feeling anxious and unsettled, and being in this class with each and every one of you has been my oasis within this storm. I hope you’ll join me next week. The more frequently you attend this class, the firmer the bonds become with your community in the circle. The more strongly your ‘neural pathways’ wire together in your brain to feel more receptive to pleasure.


Is it a video class?

Yes, but if you feel uncomfortable having your video on for the dancing portion you can turn it off.


Is there music?

Yes! Juicy yummy sensual music from a diverse selection of artists.


What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable to move around in, and sensual in. You can come in yoga leggings, full lingerie, or even your pajamas!


How do I know how to move without instructions?

I will give some movement guidance, supporting you in learning to listen to how your good body wants to move.


What if I feel scared/shy/nervous?

Who isn’t?! Doing new things is scary, but I know you can do big things. What are you doing to overcome this feeling? Have you tried coming to see if it really is scary? Or are you letting your fear brain run your life? I assure you that the Erotic in Motion community is the most supportive and loving ever!


What if I can’t afford it? 

I offer sliding scale payment options, as well as a need-based scholarship for historically marginalized people.


What if I’m not a good dancer? 

Can you move your body in any way? Sitting, laying, swaying? Then you can do this, I promise. You might even leave feeling like you CAN dance!


How do I enroll?

I recommend being signed up for my email list lover! These weekly LIVE sessions of Erotic in Motion online are emailed to you there for your convenience.


What if I don’t feel sexy?
Feeling sexy is an inside job. I didn’t used to feel sexy either. Did you know I used to be a cam girl many years ago? True story! I weave through empowering tools and techniques from that time during the session to help you feel like this incredible goddess you are.


Is this weekly workshop open to everyone?

This is a space for womxn and non-binary folks over 18 years old. I limit space in the session to keep it intimate. Enrollment is only open for a few days each week, so when it opens you better sign up fast. Find out when/how by signing up to my email list.

When is the next session?

We not currently offering open-enrollment sessions. For students who’ve attended a previous live session, click here to apply for the membership. We are still meeting weekly, but it’s members-only.


Open enrollment sessions will be back in 2021, dates to be announced soon. Make sure you’re on the email list to be notified.


What’s the cost?

The full-price of this circle is usually $60, but I’m continuing to offer these sessions at sliding-scale pricing from $15-60. No income verification needed, please pay what you can truly afford.


I’m also offering need-based scholarships for historically marginalized people (Black, Indigenous, People of Color, (BIPOC), Lesbian, Transexual, Queer, Intersex folks, and people with physical disabilities). Just email to apply.

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