Individual - Isabella Frappier
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Here are a variety of specialized courses focused on the individual experience. At affordable prices, these courses are designed to allow you to go at your own pace, in a way that works for you! CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ACCESS THE COURSE YOU WANT!

***Contact us at for scholarship opportunities***


A journal & guidebook all in one. ($33)


Recharge Your Sexual Energy and Set Sexual Resolutions In Our Community Sexual Healing Container. $50 (ONE TIME)

Discover how to explore and claim your own sexual narrative to express your sensuality. $101-123 (ONE TIME)


A Guided Solo Sex Magic Practice for vulva-bodied humans 18+.  ($20-40/ONE TIME/SLIDING SCALE)


Learn the basics of how to create a sensual self-tying solo practice.  ($80/ONE TIME)



Learn how to put yourself first and radically transform your relationship to yourself.  ($50/ONE TIME)


How to support your sensuality in a soothing and pleasurable way when life makes you want to scream. ($55-197/SLIDING SCALE)



Monthly Community Sexual Healing Sessions. ($44 per month)


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