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Here are a variety of interactive courses that thrive on community involvement and the support of one another to reach our fullest potential and highest good, all available at affordable prices. Click on an image to view course!


Scholarship options are available when you email


A Guided Solo Sex Magic Practice for vulva-bodied humans 18+. ($20-40/sliding scale/one time)


Members-only app for peer connection, including sensual selfie sharing with NO SHITTY FB/IG CENSORSHIP! (This bonus is for our female, femme, and non-binary members only). ($4-6/month/FREE PERK) Links to a Facebook group to verify identity.


Monthly Community Sexual Healing Sessions. Includes recording of all sessions. ($44 per month).


Learn how to radically transform your relationship to sensual pleasure. ($333 waitlist/$444 early/$555 regular)

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