The Self Care Journey - Isabella Frappier
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The Self Care Journey

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This digital guidebook is the first of it’s kind. It’s a blend of a self-help book, with a witches grimoire, as well as a journal for you to fill out. You can use it digitally to save paper and love-up on the environment, or print and use physically if you prefer a traditional approach.


Within these pages you will learn: 


  • Why self-care is so vital, what it really is, and how to make it personal to you
  • Holistic self-care that nourishes every area of your life, as well as your loved ones, community, and the planet
  • The importance of ritual, and how to craft your own uniquely supportive rituals
  • How to set your self-care goals
  • Plus, my gentle but revolutionary method of actually accomplishing these goals! 
  • A customized journal page for each day of the week with supportive information, advice, and space for you to fill out your goals and reflections. It can be completed on the computer to reduce paper and help save trees, or printed and filled out if you prefer a traditional approach. 
  • A customizable yearly calendar to help with your long term goals, that includes astrological, seasonal, and magical information to support your success (plus a blank one for you if you prefer to start completely from scratch).
  • Perhaps most importantly, these tools and techniques empower your self-care journey, help connect you with your eternal and beautiful self, and fill your self-love cup all the way to the brim.


*Because you will receive this product immediately after purchase, all sales are final. Make mindful and delicious choices dear ones*

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Self Care Journey

  1. Lea

    I am a person who loves having a schedule and also loves journaling, however I don’t seem to stick with either thing because I lose interest after a while.
    With the Self Care Journey I have felt more inspired to keep coming back to it and using the multitude of tools included. I can’t say enough good things about it. It is truly a next level way for me to make sure I am taking conscious care of myself.
    Especially in such a traumatic time to be living in, this guidebook feels like the equivalent of a snuggly comforting blanket. There are also lovely charts that can be used and so many darling illustrations-it’s touches like this that make it feel so personal, doable, and most of all, ENJOYABLE!
    You can feel the gentle loving energy that Isabella put into this when making it and that makes all the difference.
    If you’re looking for a nurturing guidebook to help you start incorporating realistic and important self care then this is going to be your beloved treasure trove of journal prompts, tools, self check-ins, and an abundance of other unique treats.
    Love Love Love this Guidebook <3

  2. Cara

    I absolutely LOVE the Self Care Journey, I’ve had a lot of trouble with self-care and with find and sticking to a “routine” for it. This is the first thing I’ve ever tried that actually works! I started seeing positive changes within a week of using it. I like that it has long term features, I look forward to using it to plan out my year ahead. Thanks!

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