How Well Do You Know Your $exual Self? - Isabella Frappier
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How Well Do You Know Your $exual Self?

How Well Do You Know Your $exual Self?



Welcome to your How Well Do You Know Your Sexual Self? quiz!


1- I feel uncertain or inexperienced when it comes to my pleasure.

2- I feel barriers or blocks in my life against pleasure.

3- I have uncomfortable/unsettled/mixed feelings when thinking about sex, solo or partnered.

4- I feel uncomfortable exploring the sexual side of myself.

5- It's challenging for me to just receive pleasure. It's much easier to give pleasure to a lover/partner instead. 

6- I judge my bodily appearance when with a lover/partner.

7- I'm open to sensually/sexually exploring all parts of my body that I desire to.

8- I feel embodied and connected to my senses during sexual intimacy.

9- I am somewhat stuck in a rut with my solo sex life. I desire sexual experimentation and variety/novelty in my solo sex life, but am not currently engaging in it.

10- I am comfortable with asking for sexual needs to be met with lovers

(Needs are non-negotiable, such as communication and consent).

11- I am comfortable with asking for my sexual WANTS to be met by my lovers. 

(Sexual needs are non-negotiable such as communication and consent, sexual wants are desires that go beyond needs, such as exploration and play ).

12- Starting conversations with lovers about sexual exploration and experimentation can be challenging for me.

13- I love exploring the “unconventional” aspects of my sexuality. Such as sexual taboos, kinks, and BDSM explorations.

Remember: what’s “kinky” for one person might be very vanilla to another, “kinky” is in the eye of the beholder.

14- It’s easy for me to honor and acknowledge the sacred intersections of sexuality and spirituality.

Thank you for taking the How Well Do You Know Your Sexual Self? Quiz!

Your results (and some cheeky bonuses) will be emailed to you shortly.

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