Who’s Your Pleasure Archetype? - Isabella Frappier
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Who’s Your Pleasure Archetype?

Who’s Your Pleasure Archetype?


Welcome to The Pleasure Archetype Quiz!


You've heard the terms "pleasure", "self-love", and "self-care" being thrown around, and sure, we all want to be able to access them all the time. But how in touch with your pleasure are you really? Take this quiz to find out! Plus, you'll get a very pleasurable reward at the end...

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How do you feel about your body? Your genitals? 

What is your current self-narrative about who you are as an erotic creature?

Is it easy for you to prioritize your basic self-care tasks (hydration/movement/nature/healthy food/etc)?
Is it easy for you to prioritize your sensual self-care tasks (beautiful adornments/flirting with self/self-portraits/self-gifts/etc)?

Is it easy for you to prioritize sexual/sensual pleasures in your life? (both solo and partnered)

Most often, do you give from your own cup to others, or do you fill up your own cup and then give from your overflow? 

Do you feel grounded and embodied to safely express your sexuality whenever you desire?

Do you find it easy to cultivate and ask for experimentation in sex? (both solo and partnered)

How many moments of pure pleasure do you usually have each day?

Do you find it easy to feel deserving of pleasure, even if you mentally know you should?

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