Sexual Liberation - Isabella Frappier
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Sexual Liberation

Reclaim Your Sexuality

So you may be wondering, what is it like to work with me? Perhaps you came here looking for how to embrace your own sex life, and feel lost about where to even start. Or maybe you heard about my work and felt intrigued and a little perplexed. You’re not alone.


At every dinner party and social event I attend, I face the inevitable question, what do you do? When I say “I am a Sex Educator and Pleasure Anarchist”, people are usually taken aback, and then bombard me with questions. Sometimes they exclaim “Oh, I don’t need any help in that area!”, and then always end up cornering me in the kitchen later and peppering me with questions, desperate for help.


So if you’re wondering how to change your life, your sex life, or just what it is I do, you’re in the right place. Thank you for being here. It’s brave to realize and decide that you’re worth of pleasure.

Isabella Frappier What is a Sexuality Doula Reclaim Your Sexuality
Isabella Frappier What is a Sexuality Doula Improve Your Sex life

Improve Your Sex Life

The way I see it, when you’re working with me, I walk with you on your sexual liberation journey. I don’t walk in front of you thinking I have all the answers and know where to go. I don’t trail behind you, unsure and feeling lost myself. I walk beside you, as someone who has journeyed their own path before.


I know my own way home to myself, but I wouldn’t presume to know yours. I am there to awaken your own wisdom, your own inner knowing. To remind you of the childlike sense of wonder and excitement you once felt for your sensuality, and help you step back into it.

In my 1:1 work, I hold space for you during the transition into reclaiming your sexuality. Just as I did when I supported people during their transition into parenthood as a Birth Doula. I am here to bear witness to your journey. To support and encourage, providing thoughtful reflections and advice. I am not a Guru or Spiritual Advisor, I am a mirror that reminds you of what you have forgotten.


I do provide resources, exercises, guided practices, information and sex education as needed, but I truly see my work as more supporting, inspiring, reflecting rather than teaching. I don’t think anyone can teach you about your own sexuality, or heal you, or be your guru. But I can help you become your own teacher, healer, and guru.