The Eros Creation Myth - Isabella Frappier
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The Eros Creation Myth

The Eros Creation Myth

Have you ever wondered what the f*ck Er0ticism really is?

Me too! Until I discovered the Eros creation myth, which was the first thing that really helped me not only understand the core of er0tic energy, but also how to integrate it into my life.

On our first live call of $exual Storycraft yesterday, the topic of er0ticism came up in relation to, you guessed it, storytelling and narratives!

Now, the story of Eros has been butchered and twisted to fit patriarchal and racist/colonized narratives for a very long time. The version I’m going to share with you is one that I’ve researched and gathered from multiple different sources focus on authentic storytelling, and is an amalgamation of those.

Hold this story gently, and I encourage you to do your own research too, and feel free to comment below to share your thoughts and reflections with me, I’d love to hear them!

At one time, there was only the void, original chaos, formless matter in formless space, boundless and vast.

In the boundlessness existed Nyx (Night) and Erebus (Darkness), believing themselves to be the only living things.

Suddenly they felt stirrings, something we might call wind or simply energy. Night felt excitement, and from her great body, something emerged, and she had a sense of becoming, differentiation and manifestation was aroused within her.

She planted the spirit egg of her body within the heart of Darkness. From this egg hatched Eros, the primordial energy of love.

So, out of chaos, Eros was born. This was the first cycle in the universe.

Eros was double-sexed (neither or both), had big golden wings, and four heads, one animal head for each season. Ram for Spring, Lion for Summer, Serpent for Winter, Bull for turning of the new year.

The heat of Eros ignited the furnace of the universe and lit on fire every being that came after. Eros is the Creator of everything.

As formless came to know form, distinction and all senses came into being. The reverberations of love, relationship, desire, and passion gave rise to all that evokes and delivers troublesome paradox to all beings.

Beauty radiated through eternity. As the vibration of love echoed through all existence, it created all relationships and relational possibilities.

The belief being, that each new being carried a seed with the genetic code of Eros, connecting them to each other and to Eros.

The Orphics named him Phanes, the revealer, as a primal being hatched from the world-egg. He was also equivalent to Thesis (Creation) and Physis, (Nature). Also known as Phanes, the revealer.

Why The Eros Myth Is So Important To Me

I am humbled by the simple beauty of this story every single time I read it. I am touched by this idea that every thing (living or not) carries a genetic code of Eros.

That we are all connected by this pure energy of creation, love, desire, passion, this creates a relationship between all things.

We are tied together by passion and love, we are all intricately, delicately, and complicatingly bound together.

Eros Journal Prompts For Deeper Reflection:

-How do I define Er0tic energy now, after having read this myth?

-Do I feel any difference in responsibility towards the fellow inhabitants of this planet? Human, animal, plant, and otherwise?

-How could I embrace this primal energy of Eros in my everyday life?

Before we part, I leave you with this…

I wrote this yesterday, and I refuse to acknowledge the day as anything other than Indigenous People’s day.

To hold the balance of reverence and grief it holds, to know that our dear brothers and sisters were driven forcibly from their land, that Eros sparked them into, that they lovingly tended for years before being brutally removed (often through genocide) and having their land stolen.

What can you do today to hold that truth? Is your activism ACTIVE? Is it self-reflective and non-performative? Does it directly improve the lives of those less fortunate than yourself?

Click here to learn more about, and consider donating to, an amazing Indigenous organization that could use our financial support.

Until next time,

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