Womb Wellness - Isabella Frappier
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Womb Wellness

Womb Wellness

Inclusive Health & Sexual Wellness

While the bulk of my work these days is as a Sexuality Educator, I still care very deeply about womb wellness. I call it ‘Womb Wellness’ instead of ‘Women’s Wellness because not all people with internal reproductive anatomy identify as women, and I like to be as inclusive as possible. Also, not everyone with this anatomy has a uterus, or ovaries, or all their ovaries, but the energetic vibration is still there. It can still be healed and worked with. Hormone health can still be supported. Lineages can be healed. Birth control options can be explored.


Approximately 80-90% of my 1:1 clients identify as female or non-binary, and I love demystifying the cycles and anatomy and health of people with internal reproductive organs when it feels relevant to them.


Some clients do seek me out for help with specific things to do with internal reproductive anatomies such as birth control and hormone support. I speak and write publicly on these topics, but 1:1 help can still be very helpful. Three-month long packages are not always necessary for these types of things, and so I offer one-off mapping and tending sessions as needed as a more cost-available option. Contact me for more information.